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          School Status

          School is open for students of keyworkers and Year 12 only. Year 12 students should refer to their personalised timetables for attendance.

          Redcliffe Open Interchange Teaching School

          Click here for information about our Teaching School initiatives.

          School Newsletter

          Click here to download the latest issue.
          For previous issues of the newsletter visit our Newsletter Archive page.

          Upcoming Events

          17 Jul
          Newsletter Published
          正规澳门网投app - 澳门正规网上网投 - Date 17.07.2020
          17 Jul
          20 Jul
          Last Day of Term 6
          13 Aug
          20 Aug
          *GCSE Results Day
          26 Oct
          School Holiday

          Careers and Post-16

          Check out our post-16 options page that has a checklist for the coming year.

          Our careers and post-16 opportunities area carries details of careers events that are happening locally.


          Need Some Help?

          In need of some help and advice? Click below to visit our help area for young people and parents/carers.

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